My name is Michelle and I’m the farmer! 

Soil is EVERYTHING in growing quality veggies.  I am constantly tending to my soil and feeding it whole organic nutrients – rock powders, composts, local aged composted manures, and mulches.  Each small plot gets tested and evaluated for nutritional composition.  I believe that by keeping roots in the ground, soil testing, and doing no harm to the living biome we walk upon and rely on for our life and livelihood assures us of a healthy future!

I grow unique varieties of vegetables, importing many heirloom seeds directly from Italy.  If you love rustic Italian Food, you will certainly appreciate the diverse and intense flavors of our escarole, fennel, tomatoes, and herbs.

I only grow Certified Naturally Grown vegetables which are Nutrient Dense and Full of Flavor – And sure to turn you into a vegetable lover like me! Gabe loves our vegetables too! Thank you for the opportunity to feed you!

W1349 State Road 11, Burlington WI 53105
phone: 262-206-2360

W1349 State Road 11, Burlington WI 53105