FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Certified Naturally Grown?  Certified Naturally Grown is a peer inspected certification that is based on Organic Certification rules.  My farm is inspected physically by another CNG Certified Farmer.  I like this for a few reasons.  The CNG Farmer knows his farm and farming, he knows where to look for the good or bad at a farm.  It builds relationships, and networking for a group famous for being independent and workaholics.  It is also not a government organization.  It is run by a group of like-minded people.  It costs much less, $200 versus $1000’s and does not consist of tons of paperwork.  The CNG Farmer inspector looks directly at the farm, in the soil, compost, and inputs.  He ask questions, evaluates answers, and he reads nature’s signs.  It is a good system and is continually being updated and improved.  It is a Grassroots effort.

What do you grow in the winter?  Hardy vegetables!  Those vegetables that are suited to freezing and thawing or that can store in the soil until needed.  I grow spinach, carrots, kale, Swiss chard, leeks, lettuces, radish, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, parsnips, herbs, and beets.  If I am careful and the weather is not too extreme, I can grow well all winter long.  We also sell some stored vegetables, like squash, onions and garlic.

How do you grow in the winter?  I use a plastic covered hoop called a high tunnel.  It gives the vegetables a ten degree warmer environment and a much more sheltered climate to grow longer.  Techniques like an inner cover, mulching and timing all help successfully reap a winter harvest.

How should I store my produce at home? If your produce needs refrigeration, I will pack it in a USA
made 100% cellophane bag. It has microscopic holes in it that allow an exchange of gases – the
vegetables breathe through the bag and will store very well in it. Keep it tightly closed and in the
refrigerator for best results.

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W1349 State Road 11, Burlington WI 53105